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Strategy & Policy Research

CACE carries out researches on strategies and policies related to circular economy and the construction of ecological civilization, as well as provides technological support for the legislature and the competent departments to formulate or revise laws and regulations, develop planning and introduce policies relate to circular economy. 

Major Achievements:

Research on the Revision of the Law on Promotion of Circular Economy

(The Energy Foundation, 2016)


Research on the Key Technical Standards of Circular Linkage in Key Industries

(Ministry of Science and Technology, 2016)


Research into Policy on Promotion of Green Consumption

(The Energy Foundation, 2015)


Research on the Thoughts and Policies of Comprehensive Utilization of Resources during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period- the part of resources recycling industry

(Environment and Resource Department of NDRC, 2015)


Research on China’s Remanufacturing Service System

(Environment and Resource Department of NDRC, 2015)


Research on the Recycling and Processing of Electronic Wastes with Low Scarp Value       

(Environment and Resource Department of NDRC, 2015)


Research on Assessment of the Base for the Comprehensive Utilization of Industrial Solid Wastes and the Construction of Technological Innovation Center

(Energy Conservation Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 2015)


Research on the Plan of Action for Synergetic Development of Industrial Resources Comprehensible Utilization Industries in Beijing-Tianjin-Heibei Region and the Surrounding Areas                   

(Energy Conservation Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 2015


Circular Economy--Research on the Path and Model of China’s Transformation and Development                                                                    

(The Energy Foundation, 2014)


The Best Practice of China’s Circular Economy

(The Energy Foundation, 2014)


China’s Annual Report on the Comprehensive Utilization of Resources

(Environment and Resource Department of NDRC, 2013, 2014)


Research on State-Sponsored Catalog of the Comprehensive Utilization of Resources    

(Environment and Resource Department of NDRC. 2014)    


Research on the Typical Promotion Mechanism of Circular Economy

(Environment and Resource Department of NDRC, 2014)