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Focus Areas

Regional Circular Economy and Ecological Progress Promotion

Promote regional recycling-based production and consumption mode.

Promote circular economy demonstration cities (counties) and ecological demonstration zone.

Industrial Circular Economy

Promote comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, associated minetailings and waste rock.

Promote comprehensive utilization of fly ash, coal gangue, smelting and chemical waste,and other 

bulk industrial solid waste.   

Promote recycling of exhaust gas and dust.

Promote utilization of industrial waste water, reclaimed water, brackish water and desalinated 


Agricultural Circular Economy

Promote agricultural resource saving, clean production, industry chain circulation,and disposal 

wastes  recycling.

Establish circular economy systems of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fisheries.

Promote comprehensive utilization of crop straws, livestock breeding waste, and forestry residues.

Promote agricultural circular economy demonstration projects.

Resource Recycling

Promote recycling of standardized, scaled, and industrialized utilization of scrap metal, waste 

plastic, waster rubber, cullet, waste paper, discarded household appliances, electronic waste, 

end-of-life vehicles, used  batteries,  discarded communication devices,  waste textiles and 

other resources. 

Promote construction of "Urban Mining" demonstration bases.


Promote industrialized remanufacturing of automotive parts, electrical products, engineering 

machinery, mining machinery,  and tire retreading.

Promote remanufacturing demonstration projects.

Circular Economy Park

Promote industrial park to construct circular economic system.

Promote exchanging wastes to utilize inside the enterprise, recycling of waste water, cascading 

energy utilization, intensive use of land and green infrastructure.

Promote the reconstruction of current industrial parks in circular mode.

Household Waste and Recycling

Promote the recycling of urban and rural household garbage, construction and roadway waste, 

kitchen and food waste, sludge, and wastes generated in production.

Green Consumption

Advocate the concept of ecological progress.

Promote green consumption mode, suppress excessive packaging, and restrict the use of ultra- thin 

plastic bags in production and  marketing.

Oppose to wasting food, reduce the use of disposable supplies, and promote green procurement.