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Focus Areas

Regional Circular Economy and Ecological Civilization Construction

Promote the implementation of production and consumption models for circular economy in the production, circulation and consumption sectors for the regions, and accelerate the construction of a social system towards circular economy. Promote the construction of circular economy demonstration cities (or counties) and ecological civilization demonstration zones.

 Industrial Circular Economy

Promote the comprehensive development and utilization of mineral resources, associated minerals, tailings and barren rock. Promote the comprehensive utilization of bulk solid waste such as coal fly ash, coal gangue, smelting slag and chemical waste. Promote waste gas and dust recycling in all sectors of the production process, the comprehensive utilization of industrial waste water and reclaimed water, and desalination of brackish water and seawater. Promote enterprise circular production, industrial chain symbiosis and develop circular industrial system. Promote the construction of key projects for resources comprehensive utilization.

Agricultural Circular Economy

Promote resource utilization and conservation, clean production process, circular value chain and recycling of waste in agricultural sectors. Construct agricultural circular economy system of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, and develop agricultural-industrial complex system for circular economy. Promote the comprehensive utilization of crop straw, livestock and poultry waste and harvesting residues, material residues and processing residues from forestry. Promote the construction of agricultural circular economy demonstration project.

Industrial Park Circular Economy

Promote the construction of circular economy industrial system in various industrial parks, and realize waste exchange and utilization, waste water recycling, and cascade utilization of energy within internal enterprises, and facilitate intensive land use and green infrastructure in the parks. Promote circular economy retrofitting of the existing industrial parks.

Resource Recovery and Recycling

Promote the standardized, large-scaled and industrialized development of resource recovery and recycling from iron and steel waste, scrap metal, waste plastics, waste rubber, waste glass, waste paper, waste electrical and electronic equipment, end-of-life automobiles, end-of-life vessels, waste batteries, and waste textiles. Promote the construction of urban mining demonstration bases.


Promote development of the remanufacturing industry including auto parts, mechanical and electrical products, construction machinery, mining machinery and the retreaded tyre industry. Promote remanufacturing pilot and demonstration projects.

Waste Recycling

Promote the recycling and utilization of the garbage including urban and rural waste, construction and road waste, kitchen and food waste, sludge, and production process synergized with waste recycling and disposal.

 Green Consumption

Spread the idea of ecological civilization, promote green consumption mode, restrain excessive packaging, limit the use of ultra-thin plastic bags in production and sales, prevent food waste, reduce single-use products and promote green procurement.

Creation of Zero Waste Cities

Promote the formation of green development mode and lifestyle, move towards the source reduction, recycling and harmless disposal of solid waste, and propel creation of zero waste cities.