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NDRC unveiled a new development plan to spur the circular economy in the next five years


NDRC unveiled a new development plan —The 14th Five-year Plan on the Development of Circular Economy to spur the circular economy in the next five years.

The plan puts forward the main tasks for the development of circular economy in the 14th five year plan, focusing on industry, social life and agriculture. First, build a resource recycling industrial system and improve resource utilization efficiency by promoting green design of key products, strengthening cleaner production in key industries, promoting circular development of parks, strengthening comprehensive utilization of resources and promoting collaborative disposal of urban wastes. Second, build a recycling system of waste materials and build a resource recycling society by improving the recycling network of waste materials, improving the processing and utilization level of renewable resources, standardizing the development of second-hand commodity market and promoting the high-quality development of remanufacturing industry. Third, deepen the development of agricultural circular economy and establish a circular agricultural production mode by strengthening the resource utilization of agricultural and forestry wastes, strengthening the recycling of waste agricultural materials, and implementing the circular agricultural development mode.

The plan focuses on the key and difficult problems to be solved urgently in the field of circular economy, deploys five key projects and six key actions, including the construction of urban waste material recycling system, the recycling development of the park, the demonstration of comprehensive utilization of bulk solid waste, the demonstration of resource utilization of construction waste and key technology and equipment innovation of circular economy. Six key actions are high-quality development of remanufacturing industry, recycling of waste electrical and electronic products, whole life cycle management of automobile use, whole chain treatment of plastic pollution, green transformation of express packaging and recycling of waste power batteries.

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