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CACE Joins WWF China No Plastic Action Network



In Jun 6, WWF China No Plastic Action Network was launched in Beijing. CACE president Zhu Xingxiang attended the ceremony and made a speech.

China No Plastic Action Network (hereinafter referred to as the Network) was jointly established by the WWF in collaboration with 14 associations, organizations and charitable foundations. The Network aims to realize zero emissions of marine plastic waste in China in 2030 by cooperating with all sectors of the society in public advocacy, policy advice and EPR.


At the launching ceremony, president Zhu Xingxiang affirmed the timeliness of the establishment of the Network. He stressed that the negative impact of plastic pollution on the ecological environment and human health should not be underestimated, and the plastic problem is becoming more and more serious and needs to be resolved. As early as 2008, China began to implement the plastic restriction order and issued relevant implementation plans and guidance. Local governments also carried out corresponding plastic restriction work according to their own conditions. As one of the initiators of the network, CACE will give full play to the role of industry organizations, mobilize resources of all parties, and work together to solve the problem of plastic pollution.