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Research Project on Recycling Model of China's Used/End-of-life Cell Phones was Launched in Beijing


In order to better carry out the construction of used/end-of-life cell phones’ recycling model, China Circular Economy Association (CACE) launched the “research project on recycling model of China's used/end-of-life cell phones”, and held a kick-off meeting in Beijing on June 27. The project is led and organized by the International Cooperation Department of CACE. Prof. Qi Jianguo, Chief Policy Expert of CACE, Yao Xin, Vice President of Environmental Innovation Institute, Tsinghua University (Suzhou), Pro. Li Jinhui, School of Environment, Tsinghua University, Pro. Wang Xuejun from the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University, Prof. Wu Yufeng, Director of Circular Economy Institute, Beijing University of Technology and other experts put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on the project. The experts affirmed the timeliness and necessity of this project. They believed that through the project, by analyzing the recycling model and related policies, it would have an important impact on avoiding environmental pollution caused by used/end-of-life cell phones and improve resource efficiency.


The kick-off meeting also invited representatives from the outstanding enterprises, including cell phone manufacturers (Apple and Samsung), cell phone retailers (Gome, Suning), second-hand goods trading platform (Xianyu , JD), Internet+ cell phone recycling companies( Aihuishou, 360 Tongchengbang, Huishoubao), cell phone recycling and dismantling enterprises (Huaxin Environmental, Tus-Sound, Lvbo Weiye) attended the meeting. Participants shared their current business models and practical issues that needed to be solved immediately and their own demands in the operation process. Representatives also indicated that they will actively support and cooperate with the research team to complete this meaningful project. Through this project, we hope to find some efficient and practical cell phone recycling models that consumers, enterprises and the environment can benefit from, and promote the formulation and implementation of recycling policies for used/end-of-life cell phones.