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2018 Interchange Activity on Circular Economy among the Mainland and Taiwan has Came to a Successful Conclusion


2018 interchange activity on circular economy among the Mainland and Taiwan has came to a successful conclusion in 9th, June, in Taiwan. This activity was jointly organized by China Association of Circular Economy and CTCI Foundation. The activity covered 2018 circular economy development forum among the mainland and Taiwan, the seminar, and the field visit.   

Background: Since 2016, in order to promote continuous deep cooperation and development in circular economy in mainland and Taiwan, CACE and CTCI Foundation have established a good cooperation mechanism, the two sides organize circular economic activities on a yearly basis and take turns, a number of business cooperation has been promoted. The mainland and Taiwan Circular Economy Development Forum has been successfully held in Taipei and Xiamen for two years, it is gradually forming a platform for industrial policies and technology exchanges.