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China issues guidelines to establish a waste recycling system


The State Council has issued guidelines for expediting the establishment of a waste recycling system.

According to the document, the construction of the waste recycling system is a crucial measure to implement the comprehensive conservation strategy, ensure the security of national resources, actively and steadily promote carbon peak and carbon neutrality, as well as accelerate the green transformation of the development mode.

It sets goals that by 2025, a waste recycling system covering all fields and links will be initially established and by 2030, a comprehensive, efficient, regulated and well-organized waste recycling system will be built up, and the value of various waste resources will be fully utilized, and the overall level of waste recycling will rank among the top in the world.

On this basis, multiple measures will be taken, including further promoting meticulous management and effective recycling of industrial and agricultural waste, improving the collection system of agricultural waste and advancing the classification and recycling of social waste.

Efforts should also be made to improve the level of recycling and reuse of waste: to strengthen the comprehensive utilization of bulk solid waste, to enhance the efficient use of renewable resources and to promote the remanufacturing of used equipment.

The guidelines emphasized the necessity to strengthen the recycling of key wastes such as power batteries and low-value recyclables, such as waste glass and low-value waste plastic, and to explore new paths of waste recycling.

Meanwhile, the resource recycling industry will be fostered and improved, according to the guidelines.

Source: The State Council, People's Republic of China

For more information, please click the link below:

1. https://english.www.gov.cn/policies/latestreleases/202402/09/content_WS65c5ea15c6d0868f4e8e3e8a.html

2. https://www.gov.cn/gongbao/2024/issue_11186/202402/content_6934547.html