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China Association of Circular Economy (CACE) is a nationwide organization that crosses different regions and spans various industries. CACE is under the administration of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and is guided by National Development and Reform Commission and other governmental departments.


CACE carries out the fundamental state policy of resource conservation and environmental protection and implements Circular Economy Promotion Law. Relying on the members and connecting with all parties, CACE plays the role as a bridge and makes active contributions to establish the resource recycling system covering the whole society, improve resource utilization efficiency, prevent pollutions at source, promote green, circular and low-carbon development, accelerate ecological civilization construction and transformation to a green economy and build up a beautiful China.


CACE formulates strategic planning for government on the development of circular economy, improves standards and regulations and policy mechanism, promotes technology progress, develops demonstration sites and pilots, and strengthens dissemination and trainings, enhances supervision and management, and provides technical supports. CACE is also responsible for formulating development planning and implementation schemes for the industries, enterprises and members, promoting advanced technology and business models, offering project verification, matchmaking and investment and financing services, and consulting services on policies, management, technology and markets information, reflecting demands and policy suggestions of enterprises, and finally promoting the healthy development of circular economy in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.