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The Guidance on Comprehensive Utilization of Bulk Solid Wastes in the 14th Five Year Plan has been issued


Recently, ten departments including the National Development and Reform Commission recently jointly issued the guidance on the comprehensive utilization of bulk solid wastes during the 14th Five Year Plan period (hereinafter referred to as the Guidance).

According to the Guidance, by 2025, the comprehensive utilization capacity of coal gangue, fly ash, tailings (associated mineral), smelting slag, industrial by-product gypsum, construction waste, crop straw and other bulk solid wastes will be significantly improved, the utilization scale will continue to expand, the comprehensive utilization rate of new bulk solid wastes will reach 60%, and the stock of bulk solid wastes will be reduced in an orderly manner. At the same time, five goals are proposed: continuous improvement of the comprehensive utilization industry system, gradual establishment of a technological innovation system, basic improvement of the comprehensive utilization system, continuous innovation of coordinated development models, and significant enhancement of demonstration and leading role.

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